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First steps in your new shoesUpdated 5 months ago

5 tips when you are wearing your VIBAe shoes for the first time

  1. Don't worry if the VIBAe shoes feel a bit snug at first: 
    The fabric will stretch in use – you do not need to leave extra room for the toes. 

  2. If in doubt: You can double-check the fit by removing the insole from the shoe and by placing your foot on it – if all toes fit inside the insole, the shoe is most likely perfect in size. And the shoe will also stretch out about half a size.

  3. ZUMA Leather and Linen: Push the heel piece down, lay your foot on the floor and push your toes deep into the shoe; only after then, pull the heel up 

  4. ROMA Leather and Wool: Make sure that your foot is all the way at the end of the slipper (front). It is okay for your heel to vaguely touch the edge on the heel. Once you start wearing them, they will stretch at least half a size.

  5. HELSINKI Leather: If you are planning to wear the HELSINKI boots year-round, there is no need to leave extra room for your toes. Only if you are planning to wear them with thick SAANA wool socks, then leave some extra room for your toes. The outsole works as insulation and will keep cold out.

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